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Our office is equipped with a Start Topology, ensuring efficient and reliable connectivity for our team.

Our BPO office facilities are strategically located in prime areas, guaranteeing excellent connectivity, accessibility, and access to a skilled talent pool.

Within our facilities, we offer a diverse range of workspaces to cater to your distinct requirements. These include open workstations optimized for call center agents etc.

Our ergonomic workstations are thoughtfully designed to promote comfort and enhance productivity. Each workstation features top-quality ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks etc

We recognize the critical role that internet connectivity plays in BPO operations. That's why we've invested in redundant high-speed internet connections to minimize downtime and ensure seamless workflow.

UGP is committed to respect and protect the privacy and Personal Data of every individual, including its employees, suppliers, customers, business partners, Clients and their respective end customers. Click here for more information concerning our Data Privacy Policy.

Our cutting-edge IT infrastructure includes robust servers, advanced networking equipment, and ample data storage facilities to support data-intensive processes without a hitch.

We've furnished our spaces with comfortable furniture, inviting break-out areas, and recreational spaces to ensure that your employees have a pleasant and enjoyable work experience.

Our on-site cafeteria and kitchen facilities provide your team with convenient access to delicious meals, snacks, and beverages, allowing them to recharge during breaks.

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